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Vision for Christian Life Spring 2024

What do Christians really believe, and why does it matter so much? 

At a time of confusion and division within the Church of England, we at All Saints’ have been encouraged by this vision of the Christian life, published by eight of our Bishops. If you would like to know more about this topic, please click on the link below:




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Christians believe that all people are made in God’s image and have huge potential. This potential is perfectly shown in the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Jesus, God reveals himself to the world and shows us what it is to be fully human.


We also know that we are diminished by our failure to honour God’s will for our lives. This is called sin. It’s the uncomfortable reality that our  relationship with God and with one another has been damaged.  

      sin we believe     

All people need liberation from what drags us down; be it human oppression, suffering in body, mind or spirit, bereavement or death. 


The Christian message is called the gospel, which means ‘good news’.  It is good news because in Jesus, God offers the possibility of freedom and healing for all people. In this message, God invites us to be fully alive.

gospel  we believe


Being fully alive means more than simply staying alive. We believe that Jesus was fully alive even in his greatest suffering on behalf of others, as he was put to death on the cross.  Even death did not have the last word and he rose again to demonstrate that God’s life and love is eternal.

 cross and resurrection

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Christians believe that there is continuity of life even through death. Indeed, it is only through death that we may be raised to eternal life. 

holy spirit we believe

In heaven we will see God face to face. In this life we cannot see God, but we can come to know him. 

In Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, God offers the possibility of a transforming relationship with him.

His desire for each one of us is that we experience this now. 

If we enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ then we will seek to live lives worthy of him. The Christian life is rooted in prayer and regular reading of the Bible

bible and prayer

It is a life that practises Hospitality to all people and strives for justice and peace in the world.

Being a Christian is not easy! That’s why we need one another.             It’s why we gather together regularly to worship God; 

worship we believe

to pray for the needs of the world and for one another, to deepen our knowledge and understanding of the Bible and to encounter our living Lord Jesus in the sacrament of Holy Communion.



If you are Christian then you are never alone. You are part of the universal church, the fellowship of all God’s people - on earth and in heaven. 

body of Christ we believe

Here at All Saints’, we are just tiny part of that fellowship. But we pray that, with us, you will catch a glimpse of what it means to be fully alive; part of the body of Christ




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