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If you or someone you know would appreciate our prayers, please use the Contact Us link at the top of this page. Please note - it is important that the person you would like us to pray for has given consent for their name to be published on this page. 

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We have been asked to pray for: Those who are unwell: 

Rita Morris Iris Barnden June Stammers Pam Allen Margaret Riddelsdell Janet Swain Frank Spreda (Binnie’s nephew) – having further treatment for cancer Nadia Wendy Holman (Brenda’s sister) Ann (Jan’s sister) Ian and Angie Harris Hazel Harris (aged 21) and Stanley Harris (aged 18) David Crotty Peter Hood Louise (Peter and Tina’s daughter) Anne-Marie (Rita’s daughter) 

Those who need long-term prayer: 

Mike Argent Brian Banham David Barnden Celia Barradell Mark Buckton Caroline Buitekant June Buitekant (Mike’s mother) Claudine Ros Curtis Daisy (Irene Wren’s granddaughter) Ian Fletcher Rita Heavey & nieces Anne & Melanie Betty Hegarty John Hunt 

 James (Angela Gostling’s nephew) Brian Jennings Joy Judd Jean Kopat Emma Lacey Layla Teegan Leckie Ben Megicks Arthur Needham Mary Patrick Tracey Paul Philippa (Tina & Peter Hood’s granddaughter) David Pugsley Doreen Readman (Julie Farrow’s mother) John Rees Reita Chloe Robbins & her friend Maureen Jane Robinson Marius Suditu Teri Brian & Elaine Thomson Philip Totenhofer Terence Towns Janet Watson John Williams Cameron Williams (Joy Judd’s grandson) Robert and 

Thelma Wood 

Those who have recently been bereaved: 

Roger Todd and the family of his wife Sheila 

The family of Valerie Smith 

Mark and the family of Phyllis Trayhorn 

The family of John Clarke: Louise (his mother), Claudine (his sister), and for his daughters and grandchildren 

Vicky Clarke on the loss of her grandmother, June Hilton 

Please also pray for: 

Vicky and Gavin, to be married at All Saints’ next summer, having had to postpone their wedding Summary prepared: 31st July 2020

St Osyth Deanery Prayer Diary

May – June 2020





St Paul’s, Clacton

·         Pray for church regulars to benefit from the weekly online audio services, for our new Zoom weekly Bible Study group, for us to somehow maintain contact with our large fringe of young people and families.


Tenpenny Parishes

·         Those impacted by Corona Virus and especially those who are bereaved within close or extended family. 

·         For the ministry of funerals at this challenging time, we remember the work of Crem staff and funeral directors. 

·         For the McCann family back on furlough from working with OMF in Cambodia and automatically involved in Lockdown - for adjustment and chance to recharge and see family as travel limitations lift. 

·         For Roni as she supports CAP clients at this challenging time. 

·         For the great work of out Foodbank's and their brilliant workers and volunteer network. 


St. John’s and St. Mark’s, Great Clacton

  • We are putting our services on YouTube at the moment - please pray that some people we haven't seen for a while would be watching - and some who we have never seen before - and pray that they would hear the good news.
  • Please pray that, as a church family, we would all keep in touch with each other, and maybe even get to know each other better, at this time.   
  • Please pray for several recently bereaved people in the church family - especially as the present circumstances are making things more difficult for them.


All Saints’ Walton

·         That our weekly podcasts are helping to keep our congregation in touch and that they provide some continuity.

·         However, we are praying especially for our local economy. At this time of year a seaside resort would usually be in full swing and it must be terribly hard for so many businesses, especially in the hospitality sector.


St. Mary’s, Frinton

·         'Please pray for several elderly members of our congregation who are nearing the end of their lives on earth.  And pray for their families also.'

·         'Pray for the staff in our Care Homes where there is increased danger due to Covid-19' 


St. Michael’s, Kirby, All Saints’, Great Holland and Crossways Church, Kirby Cross

·         That this strange time would somehow, in God’s sovereignty, be good for us as churches.

·         For those on their own particularly the longer this goes on.

·         For financial provision and wisdom of the next months and years.


St. Osyth and Great Bentley

·         Help us to maintain our physical and mental health during lockdown and to recognise God’s presence wherever we are.

·         Give thanks for our communities and all that they do to support each other in these difficult times.








































                         Summary  prepared 06/04/2020

(Date of receipt of each prayer request is shown in brackets)



We have been asked to pray:


For those who are unwell or convalescing:

George Wilmot (Thea's father)  

Elaine Thomson

Wendy Holman  (11 Mar)

 Ann (Janet's sister)  (07 Mar)

 Ian Harris  (01 Mar)

 David Crotty  (22 Mar)

 Peter Hood  (15 Mar)

 Reg & Li James  (10 Feb)

 Isy  -  recovering from surgery  (02 Mar)

 Brian Jennings –  recovering at home from broken hip  (15 Mar)

 Louise – Peter & Tina's daughter (14 Mar)

 Anne-Marie  (Rita's daughter (02 Mar)

 Celia Barradell  (02 Mar)

 Mike Argent  (02 Mar)


  For those who need long-term Prayer:


            Pam Allen,  Brian Banham, Iris Barnden,  David Barnden,  Mark Buckton,


          Caroline Buitekant, June Buitekant (Mike's mother), John Clarke, Claudine,  Ros Curtis,


            Daisy (Irene Wren's granddaughter), Ian Fletcher, Rita Heavey & her nieces Anne and


            Melanie,  Betty Hegarty,  John Hunt,  James (Angela Gostling's nephew),


            Joy Judd,  Jean Kopat,  Emma Lacey,  Layla - ongoing breathing problems with


            asthma,  Teegan Leckie,  Ben Megicks,  Arthur Needham,  Mary Patrick,  


               Philippa  (Tina & Peter Hood's  granddaughter), Tracey Paul, David Pugsley, 


          Doreen Readman  (Julie Farrow's mum),  John Rees,  Reita,  Margaret Riddelsdell,


          Chloe Robbins and her friend Maureen,  Jane Robinson , Marius Suditu,


          Brian Thomson, Philip Totenhofer,  Terence Towns,  Teri, Janet Watson,


          Cameron Williams  (Joy Judd's grandson),  John Williams,  Robert  & Thelma Wood 


          For the bereaved:

 The family & friends of  Seb Craig  (funeral at Weeley Crem 23 April - Memorial Service   to be held in the future)