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Food bank

Walton & District Community Foodbank            

  (Plastic basket next to glass doors, for your donations.) 

 Please may we have:


shower gel,

laundry capsules

washing-up liquid, 

toilet rolls, 

small jars of coffee,

tinned tuna,

tinned rice,

tinned custard,

UHT milk,

marmalade/ jam.

With thanks as always, 
Dick Bloxsidge (Administrator)

ton & District Community FoodBank:

Please may we have: milk (UHT), instant mash, razors, shaving foam, Christmas cake (slabs), Christmas pudding (individual or 400g (1lb) sizes), tinned custard. Thank you! Dick



What Fairtrade does - follow this link for an explanation of the work Fairtrade sets out to do.

Flower festival 2024


Introduction to this year’s theme : Parables of Jesus                  Each year our Flower Festival takes a theme connected with the Bible and the

Christian faith. This year’s theme is Parables of Jesus. A parable is a tale about a

simple, common subject to illustrate a more profound, valuable moral lesson. The

source definition of the word ‘parable’ means a placement ‘side by side’ for the

purpose of comparison.

Parables are a crucial method by which Jesus taught the people. He would often

simplify the profound spiritual truths he needed to share in the form of relatable

stories from everyday life. He told stories about lost sheep, burning lamps,

growing crops, troublesome weeds, baking bread, buried treasure, vineyards,

weddings, coins, fishermen, farmers and tax collectors — to name but a few!

So, how might you depict a parable in flowers...? It’s not as easy as it sounds - as

this year’s team of arrangers will testify! However, the stories do provide immense

scope for the imagination. And what is reassuring, for any flower arranger, is that

they start with the best possible raw materials. As Jesus himself said: Not even

Solomon in all his splendour was dressed like one of these. (Matthew 6.29)

All Saints’ Flower Festival 2024: Parables of Jesus runs from Saturday 25th May

to Monday 27th May, incorporating a festival service on Trinity Sunday 26th May at


Images of some of the lovely displays on show from previous Flower Festivals


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