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The Church is once again open for Private prayer from Monday 12th April.

It will be open from 9am - 5pm. Please feel free to come in and spend some quiet time to reflect.

Please follow the information in the Church regarding Social Distancing.


out of lockdown

Dear all,

Thank you for your support and encouragement, especially over these past few months. The lockdowns have been really difficult for everyone, especially the stop-start nature of them which we have all found exhausting. However, we have plenty to give thanks for and the direction of travel is encouraging. 

As promised, I’m not emailing this group very often because all our news and updates are on our website and I know many of you keep in touch on Facebook. However, I would like to share with you as we discern our own ‘roadmap’ here at All Saints’.

I think it’s most helpful for you to know that I have received medical advice to continue shielding into April. This is because my white cell count is well below what it should be; a special concern for those who have an autoimmune disorder.

Together with the churchwardens I have sought the Bishop’s advice and we have decided to reopen the church building for private prayer on April 12th. This coincides with the reopening of all shops. We will then give ourselves a really good run-up to our first Sunday service which will be               Parish Communion for Pentecost on May 23rd. This closely follows the provisional date set for the return of indoor socialising between households and the full reopening of hospitality venues.

I would love it if we could return to normal sooner! However, given that it feels like we are very much on the final straight, it would be a shame to ruin it for the sake of opening a bit earlier. When the doors open it is our priority to ensure everyone is kept safe and feels safe. And please remember, while the building is closed there will always be Sunday services available on our website.

Pentecost is really the climax of Easter. It’s when we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit and the birthday of the Church. What better day to return to Sunday worship? — at a point when we hope we will be able to worship more fully as we once did. The organ certainly has a few cobwebs that need blowing out, and I’m sure your vocal cords do too…! 

If you’ve got this far… thank you for reading this longer-than-usual email. I won’t expect replies but please feel free to do so if you like (and please let me know if you no longer want to be on this list). 

Once again, thank you for all your support and encouragement. I feel exceptionally well supported by our whole parish and I couldn’t wish for a more wonderful place to be the vicar. Finally, a special thank you to our churchwardens Mike Buitekant and Lesley Hunt, without whom church life simply would not be able to function.

With God’s good grace and the unquenchable fire of the Holy Spirit we will be in full swing again very soon!

Those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength,
    they shall mount up with wings like eagles,
they shall run and not be weary,
    they shall walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40.31

With my continued prayers and thank you for yours.


Keeping Church 'Life' going, you can access the following on this site:

Our Weekly Online service
Monday Prayers
Midweek Reflection 
Bible Study and Zoom follow up

If you have any concerns, please use the numbers below to contact Peter, or our Wardens, Mike and Lesley

 Contact details are as follows:

 Peter Edwards: 01255 675351

 Lesley Hunt:    01255 317614

 Mike Buitekant 01255 751061

 Many Thanks.

Special prayers and resources for use during the pandemic:

lords prayer

Additional resources for prayer, especially suitable for this challenging time, are available at:

 Church by Telephone

Do you know someone who would really appreciate resources for prayer and worship but does not have access to the internet? If so, please share this freephone number: 0800 804 8044.

The Church of England has developed this especially for those who are not online. There is a greeting from the Archbishop of Canterbury, who then invites you to choose options for prayer and worship, including a selection of hymns. it is free. Please make the most of it and share with others!